Formal / Social / Networking / Gala

I wanted to expand my platform in being involved with different types of projects and events. The 2016 Syndicate Gala was an event which allowed me to dabble into the creative field. Not only was I able to hone my skills at event planning, but I also gained first hand experience with hospitality, logistics and various promotional and marketing materials (i.e.: Syndicate Video Teaser). SYNDICATE was a $35,000 sell-out event held at the reputable Steam Whistle Brewery (client) in the heart of Downtown Toronto.

My involvement with SYNDICATE as a Social Media Strategist, placed me incharge of the promotion primarily via Instagram and FaceBook. My tasks included analyzing and compiling trend and sales data, creating various promotional materials (including FaceBook Ad Banners), and being a part of the creative team in videography.


Steam Whistle Brewery


Social Media Strategist