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Project Infinite is a self-titled project. It is a collection of events that I have entrepreneured or been involved in. It also showcases my experience as a freelancer with different types of organizations. I named this - 'Project Infinite', with aims of it becoming a continuous activity for an indefinite period of time. It inspires me to be involved in the community, self-motivated and aware of current and trending news, as well as a way to exercise my creativity. Here are a list of events i've experienced under 'Project Infinite':

Super Smash Bros Gaming Competition
'How to Business 101' Workshop - Nova Solutions Toronto
Coffee Hour: A Cup of Free Coffee - Starbucks (Charity)
The Career Panel for Undergraduates - Amazon & HipHause
Bridging the Gap Environment Awareness Case Competition - Deloitte Digital

I work with a group of writers and my editor, to produce an insightful magazine for The Executive team at the Undergraduate Commerce Society (UCS). We have currently published issues 1 - 4 which garnered a new record in views, shares and impressions.

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