Hackathon / Digital-Science / Tech Social

Established in 2011, the Toronto-born, nonprofit organization has built local tech communities all around the world. It aims to improve economic development for healthier and happier living. Through budding entirely by word-of-mouth, HackerNest tech socials have grown to become one of Canada’s largest gatherings. Routinely, the meet ups attract smart technologists from all over the world

The preparation and set up that went into HackerNest carried over several weeks. I was incharge of the online and physical distribution of flyers and graphics used to promote the event, the audio-visual system, and content curator. Leading up to the event, I was also given the pleasure to be a Public Relations Specialist. This allowed me to get in touch with both of the founders of HackerNest Mississauga, distribute surveys and gain access to one-on-one individuals, and to hone the relationship between my company and HackerNest.


HackerNest, ICUBE Agency


Marketing Campaign Coordinator,
Social Media Curator