For Those I Left Behind


Someday, our universe will collide. And the stars we so admire, will combust into flames and set fire onto the only earth we have. All of our labour will be returned to dust, and our tears will fall from the skies, and it will flow along with the rivers that wash the mud. And as the flames on our earth burns out, it is only then that we realize the meaning of selfishness. But the blueness in our sphere will continue to crack and the oceans will dry up; the green that covers our land will turn brown, and the ice-cold of the swirling white, will spread. There will be a time where humans no longer walk the earth; we will give way to a whole new evolution. And they will look back on us, as we did on dinosaurs and apes. They will try to study us. They will dig up our bones from the sand and they will put us back together. And they will know our story.

But just as the sun burns us to the core and reduces every living thing to ashes, the innocence of our kind will be preserved. It will linger on as the rain that extinguishes the furnace. And it will make the earth a habitable place once again. And from the heavens we look down upon, we would have taught our next generation something we couldn’t learn in our lifetime.

  • Adaline

    March 2, 2017 / Reply

    This is so good Cheng!

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